Letter from Hugh Hegarty

Tuesday 12th March 2019 Dear Parents and Carers,

Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust has now been in existence for just over six months.

The Trust’s School Improvement Framework enables us to judge the performance of our schools. Within the framework, schools are identified as being within one of four tiers, with Tier 1 being the tier we aspire for all our schools. Since September 2018 our Standards Team have reviewed all 25 schools and allocated each individual school a tier placement.

The work required to improve all schools is identified and the necessary support programmes are well underway. The accuracy of this judgement is key to our success and I am delighted to inform you that up until 6th March 2019, the 12 schools that had been identified for inspection by Ofsted have received a judgement that mirrors the Trust’s own tier placements.

Over time, the Trust’s tier placement will provide you with a timely and reliable annual evaluation on the quality of education being provided in your child’sschool.

Kind Regards

Hugh Hegarty CEO
NPQH | M.Sc. | PGCCGC | B.Ed. Hons.| CTC Nicholas Postgate Catholic Academy Trust

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