Admission to a Roman Catholic Primary School

The school to which you are applying is a Catholic school. The school is designated as a school with a religious character and as such is permitted to give priority to applicants who are of the faith of the school.

The governing body has responsibility for admissions to the school. In order to apply the school’s oversubscription criteria the governing body requires additional information that is not collected on the local authority’s Common Application Form. This information must be supplied by completing this Supplementary Information Form. Copies of the form are also available in your chosen school and a form must be returned to each Catholic School you apply to.

You must return a copy of this completed form to all of the Roman Catholic schools you have requested to the individual schools’ address.

Failure to complete this form would indicate that you are not applying under any of the religion criteria and will affect the oversubscription criteria in which your child is placed.

If, at the time of admission, you will have other children attending this school, please provide details below:

Catholic Children


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