Year 4 Segedunum Trip

Dear Parent/Carers

Tuesday 22 January 2019, Year 4 will be heading out to Segedunum for the day. Their trip will help inspire them for their Traders and Raiders Topic. When they arrive at Segedunum the children will be transformed into Roman soldiers and they will get to experience life in a fort.

Please note children will leave school at 8.50am prompt and are expected back at the later time of 3.30pm.

The full cost of this visit is £11.92 per child.
The school will be asking for a voluntary contribution of £5.00 which will cover the costs of travel, and entrance for this event.
We must point out that although this is a voluntary contribution if we do not receive enough contributions then we will have to cancel the visit.

Full payment must be made by Monday 14 January 2019.

Children will need:

  Medication – marked with your child’s name.
  Full school uniform must be worn.
  Warm coat, Hat, Scarf and Gloves
  Wellies to take with them for activities outside.
  Packed lunch, with 2 carton drinks.


As with any extra curricular activity your child’s behaviour in school must be good in order for them to attend school outings.

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