Regular Out of School/Establishment Visits or Activities

I agree to my child taking part in recognised activities off site of St Alphonsus’ RC Primary School in the Borough or neighbouring area. These may include for example, local environmental studies, surveys, swimming, joint sporting activities and cultural visits.

I understand that:

  • I will be informed of the dates of these visits prior to them taking place;
  • (schools) such activities will not often extend beyond the school day, but that if, occasionally, they are likely to do so, adequate advance notice will be given so that I may make appropriate arrangements for his/her safe return;
  • my specific permission will be sought for any educational visits or activities beyond those outlined above and which could involve commitment to extended journeys or times, expense or hazards;
  • all reasonable care will be taken of my child in respect of the visit or activity;
  • my child will be under an obligation to obey all directions given, observe all rules and regulations governing the visit or activity and conform to normal codes of behaviour and discipline;
  • any medical condition or special needs will be notified to the school/service now and as and when they arise;
  • all participants are covered by the Risk Protection Arrangement insurance in respect of any claim arising from an accident attributable to the negligence of the School.


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