Year 3 Swimming Lessons


We have arranged Swimming Lessons every Friday morning starting 19 January until Friday 9 February 2018.
Swimming and water safety are a vital, statutory part of our National Curriculum. Participation is therefore important to ensure that all children can swim safely and confidently before they leave primary school.

Transport will be provided.

Rules for Swimming Lessons:

• Appropriate swimming gear every week (no bikinis/long shorts), including towel.
• Goggles (only for medical purposes. Please contact school office for further information).
• No cosmetics or deodorants.
• No arm bands or rings – floatation devices will be provided.
• Pupils who need inhalers, must carry their own inhaler to the baths and the inhaler should be “in date” and labelled with the child’s name. Without this procedure, your child will not be allowed to enter the water.
• If your child suffers from epilepsy or petit-mal, please contact school immediately, in order that appropriate arrangements can be made, prior to the swimming lessons.

Additional Dates For This Event

  • 26/01/2018
  • 02/02/2018
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